Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Custom Made Dragon Age Inquisition Pendants

Master Post: Dragon Age Inquisition Pendants & Bracelets

Available for Order Now

So I've been a busy bee setting up my Etsy shop and working with Taunya Gren, a fantastic artist you can check out HERE, to make some cool Dragon Age Inquisition pendant necklaces and key-rings. They are 35mm antique silver finish and have glass front which looks very lovely.

Necklaces $20
Key-Ring $18
Bracelets $35 (note these take longer to make)
not including shipping and handling

You can check my Etsy shop for listings occasionally at 

or you can contact me through the shop and I'll make a custom listing for you. 

I'll update the blog as we get more of the series available. If enough interest is shown we'll do an origins and da2 series.

*Update we now have custom bracelets available. These let you choose 7 characters from our list of available ones. They take a little longer to make but feel quite lovely. You can get in silver, copper, bronze or gunmetal finish.

Here are the ones we have available right now for order.


Isabela 1




Cullen 1

Cullen 2




 The Iron Bull


Varric Nightscape
Varric Hanged Man

Varric Noir


Lyrium Fenris





 Inq Morrigan

  Scout Harding

Can you tell that Varric is my favorite character?