Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun kids hats!

My friends kids had their birthdays last week. So as a fun surprise I made them both these cute kids hats. Left we have dinosaur and right we have bunny.
They loved them so much you couldn't convince them to take them off. Hurray!

Green Imp/Satyr Horn Prototype

These are my Imp/Satyr style horn prototype.
They are set as individual barrettes or can be put on cord to be tied around the head like a headband.

They were painted with acrylic paints. I did metallic green for the bottom coat then dry brushed a gradient going up from greens up to yellow tips.
Then they were sealed with a imitation glass textural element and varnish.

Unicorn Horn Prototype

This is a unicorn horn prototype I'm developing.
It was sculpted from super sculpey and then painted with acrylics.
I used a drybrush technique to make the horn look like real bone. Then did a light shimmery wash over the top.
It is then sealed with a imitation glass textural element and varnish.

I found that the unicorn horn stands too high to be used with a barrette so was instead attached to a white elastic headband. This held it much better.

Warcraft Troll Horde Mug

For mothers day I hand painted this pre-made stein for my step mother.
She plays World of Warcraft with me and has a troll frost mage.
The front has the horde symbol and below says troll, the back side says "FOR THE HORDE!" and the handle has her characters name on one side with the class on the other.

Mothersday Handpainted Teaset

Hand painted this tea set for my mother for mothers day.
She loves spring so I went with a flower/springtime theme.
The stacking teacups are done alternating with tulips and daffodils.
The tea pot is textured to be flower like without actually having flowers on it. She loved the gift and was very surprised.

Please Mr. Wolf don't eat me!

Here is my new lamb style hat.
It was made with super soft white fleece, and then a regular pink fleece for the insides of of the ears.

Watch out for those shifty eyed lambs they might just be a wolf in disguise....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Hearthstone pendants

Here is the hearth pendant I made for myself. My sister wire wrapped it for me and then I strung it on a black leather cord.

I like how the wire wrap looks on these although it does give it a much more feminine look.
So for my little bro i did the more traditional loop for his.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hat's galore!

I was on a hat making binge. These are super warm and soft fleece hats

We have a black goth hat made for my husband. The black leather patch I bought at Walmart and sewed on.

The green bunny hat is small sized for children. The floppy ears are fun and has a cute little bunny tail on the back.

I designed for my sister this dino hat which she sewed herself.

Then for my mother I did this one eyed purple monster hat. It's probably my favorite and she's been wearing it all the time.

Warcraft Hearth stone necklaces

So I'm a huge world of Warcraft fan and geek. I looked around and saw people doing hearthstone necklaces but many of them didn't actually look like stone to me.

So I created these. The stone carved looking pendants but are lighter weight then stone, and the carved designs glow in the dark. All strung on a soft leather strand. I tried it out with varied tinted colors in the stone.

The color differences are subtle but pretty. Top left is slightly blue, the one below it is regular stone color, top right is slightly green (for poison) and bottom right is slightly purple.
These ones were made for my family.

So almost my whole family plays world of warcraft with me except my youngest sister. So I made her a rogue pendant (top right) since she likes to play rogues both in dungeons and dragons as well as warcraft. Where the rest of us have hearthstones set for home. I'm planning on making more of the hearthstone pendants for selling on my etsy. These ones I'll probably be painting the names of popular cities in WoW that people usually use as their hearthstone home. For example Darnassus, Shattrath, Ogrimmar, and Stormwind. I haven't been able to get a good picture of how they glow in the dark but I'll keep trying since it's super cool!

WIP Elf BJD in sculpey

So currently I'm working on making my own ball jointed doll in sculpey.
It really was the first time I've tried sculpting anything that wasn't bowl shaped and even though proportionally quite off I think she's turning out rather cute.

I especially love her ears and face. I wanted a smaller elf doll. When doing my research I found most ball joint dolls are humongous where I wanted something smaller and cute. Hardest part I'm having right now is stringing the legs up through and finding a good hook for them to attach to the head.

I'm using super sculpey which I'm loving how it looks although there is tons of sanding to get it where I like. The hair is finely separated strands of embroidery floss. I couldn't find doll hair even close to the green I wanted for her sylvan hair. When she is finished I'll be making her a spouse a cute fey man to frolic with her. I'm thinking of giving him a cute leaf hat and wheat gold hair.


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