Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Panties

So as a follow up to my last review with the Bikini cut ottobre pattern I also now tried the Hipsters.
These were pretty easy to sew my only problem was the fold over elastic because I've never used it before. I pre-ironed one side of the elastic and that helped a ton getting it on evenly.
The pattern itself isn't boy shorts but definitely has more coverage on the but then the Bikini did. It is also lower on the legs then the bikini ones. I liked these a lot but for my personal taste i prefer the Bikini style.
The fabric is this super cute stripey fabric i got from
and the cute pink fold over elastic was from SewSassy
which i got in one of their random packs with some other cute colors.
My sisters and mom each made some at our sewing party too, so hopefully I can post pictures of them soon. They all turned out super comfy and cute.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ottobre Bikini style Panties


These are from Ottobre 5/2009 pattern 2A the simply basic underwear in bikini style cut.
I did the pattern in size 48 (European sizing)
I used a basic black stretchy knit fabric i had laying around in my stash for ages and some gorgeous stretch lace from Sew Sassy Fabrics
It's very pretty and soft and i love the bright color to contrast with the black.

The instructions were very easy to follow although having never made underwear before I didn't quite understand the gusset instructions. I found a great diagram of how to do it here
This made them much more comfortable and look very professional and finished on the inside.

I love the pattern it fits me perfectly and sewed together quick and easily. The double layer gusset gives a nice protection for the crotch area and i like that the seam are enclosed on it.

Absolutely would recommend this pattern!
I'm actually having my mom and sisters over for a panty sewing party this weekend and we plan to make many more for each of us. These fit so well and are super comfortable!

You should try it you'd absolutely love it!
If you want to see my complete review you can check it out HERE at pattern
Stay posted for the awesome matching camisole top!

Dolly Works in Progress

Been a long time since I posted on here but as it's a new year I decided to get my butt in gear.
This year my new years resolution is to finish more projects instead of doing them half way and then getting distracted to other things lol.

First I'm working on a Monster High Cleo doll.
So far I've removed the foil from her hair (which took forever) and started sewing the muslin of her bodice for her future dress. I plan to erase the weird blue mark on her cheek soon as well.


Then I'm also doing an Obitsu doll. I've decided her name is Nerine and she is going to be a sea nymph or water princess. So far I've put her hair up out of the way. Given her a full face paint and made her dress. Her dress is white satin with a purple cotton underskirt all tied with a white satin ribbon. Obitsu is a highly customizable fully pose-able Japanese doll. Her crown removed from a Mattel mermaid barbie and repainted. I'm not finished though and will be adding more to the crown.




Stay posted I've actually been doing way more sewing lately and will have some upcoming posts on those projects which are complete woohoo!