Friday, January 29, 2010

Moxie Fusion Doll

So I saw this cutey at Kmart and had to buy her right away. It is a Moxie doll released by MGA Entertainment.
Apparently it was because they were sued by Mattel over their Bratz dolls and Mattel won. So now they've come out with these much cuter (less slutty) looking dolls.
Well at first glance I loved how they have cute anime like faces, and super long thick hair, and darling outfits.
Once I got her home I found that the body was quite small compared to the head, had no pose-ability and worst of all there are no feet. Where feet should have been are little stubs which shoes attach to. This is well known for Bratz as well, except the bratz feet don't fit the moxie ones, and there is no accessory pack for moxie feet, so you are stuck with whatever style you have. Which to me defeats part of the purpose of a fashion doll; dressing them up and accessorizing.

Do not be dismayed though we have fixed the problem and it turned out beautifully!
Mattel has released a fully poseable barbie line known as Fashionista's.
So we put the Moxie head on the barbie Fashionista body.

Tada! First of all it looks a lot more proportional and makes the barbie much prettier.
I love the poseability and especially being able to have different shoes on her.

Here she's dressed in various styles and with her hair done. The moxie heads have a lot more hair, its a lot longer then barbies, and quite a bit softer too.

I plan to design some cute doll clothes for these fusion dolls, and have also been experimenting with giving them elf ears. More to come......

Elvish Staff christmas present

As promised the pictures of the prettier elvish style staff that I made for my middle sis.
I was inspired in the colors of it from World of Warcraft nightelves Moon Temple
but used the tolkien style elvish for the markings on the staff.

The hand grip part is wrapped with a soft brown suede leather strap.
The top piece is made from super sculpey with a glass gem in the top. The leaves were formed individually and added to the orb separately.

Wrapped with more suede there is cascading teal shells and a resin coin emblem accented with ink and acrylic.

The main par of the staff is bamboo that was already painted black, and then I put elvish letter painted in white and gold over the length of the staff.

The flower at the top is made with premo mixed with super sculpey. The glass bead is lined with a foil piece to help it reflect light.

A better view of the coin cast in resin. It comes out clear but then I put a teal wash over it to give it some color without making it opaque.

Closeup of the cascading shell beads. I tried for a waterfall effect in a spiral.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Necromancer Staff-hubbies christmas present

My husband has a love for gothic things, video games, and anime. For christmas I decided to make him this fun and somewhat morbid looking staff for any necromancer cosplay that he might want to do.

The base of the staff is bamboo which had already been painted black.

The grip and the top are wrapped with red leather thongs and then I bleached some chicken bones and wrapped them with the leather. I went and painted some of the chicken bones to look old and faded but left one to look new for contrast. The feather was also bleached and then painted black. I added some red ink stains at the top of the leather thong cause I thought it looked a little like blood splatter. EEEEk

The top zombie hand as i called it was sculpted by my mother for me out of super sculpey and then baked. she then painted it to enhance the old petrified look.
The face was cast from a sculpey doll face mold but we used clear resin setting a doll eye in the forhead. This was then lightly brushed with a red ink solution so that the light would still shine through it.

Over all I think it turned out quite creepy, and my hubby absolutely loved it.
As for me I couldn't help cringing while handling it, I think we might have done to good of a job lol.

Next I'll be showing them much prettier elvish staff I did as a Christmas present for my middle sis.

2nd shirt bag set of gifts

So I made to go along with the set I made for my middle sister for her birthday, another set for my youngest sister. This one in a green color since that is one of her favorites.

It's being modeled by the middle sister so the shirt doesn't quite fit on her right.

I love how the sleeves turned out but if I did it again I'd do the smocking closer to the underbust area. I still think it gives a very cute peasant blouse look.

The matching handbag is green with a cream satin lining.
I then put cute hippy flowers all the way around the bag hand stitched on. You can buy these at walmart in a pack with different sizes and colors.

The outside of the bag is made of pockets shown holding my phone quite well.

Found some cute matching ribbon for the drawstring and has a nice spacious area inside for whatever knick knacks she needs to carry on dates with her.