Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Dragon Age Portraits Available plus Earrings!

First things first, we now have silver french hook earrings as an option on all portrait styles. 
These dangling earrings are darling and match the square necklaces perfectly. They cost $18 like our Key-Rings.
 Speaking of Key-Rings, we are now including the nice swivel clip with all Key-Ring orders. These make it even easier to clip to a purse, bag, belt or backpack. 

Now on to the fun stuff. New portraits available for order. These are all available as necklaces, key-rings, earrings, and can even be chosen for our custom 7 slot bracelets!
Message us through etsy for custom orders 

Grey Warden Sigil  
(goes well with Blackwall or Alistair portraits)

 Aveline Portrait

Leliana Portrait

Swords & Shields Front Cover
(mismatched earring set) 

Swords & Shields Back 
(mismatched earring set)

Eluvian Crossroads


Chantry Sunburst- Blue back  

Chantry Sunburst- Purple/Grey Back

 High Seas Pirate1

High Seas Pirate2 (mismatched earring set)

Dorian Noir Portrait

 City of Kirkwall

Blood Mage/Dark Brotherhood
for those who love DA and Elder Scrolls