Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sneak Peak- Vogue V2902

So I've been really interested in vintage style patterns recently. Unfortunately thanks to being on the plump side and having ginormous knockers non of the real vintage patterns are remotely close to my size. Luckily vogue and butterick have recently re-released some of their vintage patterns with updated sizes.
I saw this one and just fell in love with it.

I've actually finished the dress already but haven't got pictures of it worn yet. Hopefully i can get those up soon. I did modify it a bit.
This is a cute plaid fabric i had a ton of and the bodice is lined in a purple satin.
Until i get some picture here are two of the during progress pictures.

Build a Bear bunny and dress

This is the build-a-bear bunny i had made in a fun trip i went on with my sister in law. She collect these dolls and has an amazing huge collection. Well once i was there i couldn't resist. She's melody rabbit from the hello kitty brand. The clothes there are kind of expensive for them but very cute. I decided instead to bring her home and make my own dress for her.

This was a pink fabric leftover from a dress i made for my cousin and a stretchy binding for the sash. I drafted a little pattern for her first and then pinned it on her to make sure it would fit.

11cm obitsu doll body aka Thumbelina

So I saw these released and was so excited to see them in person. It's an obitsu body fully poseable and jointed like my 27cm one (barbie size) but this one is super tiny. It's 11cm which is the approximate same size as a little kelly doll (barbies littlest sister).

I got without magnets in the feet but even without them it is very well balanced and can stand on its own. My only complaint is the arms hands and feet are super loose and tend to fall out while dressing it. The pieces are so small I'm worried about losing them.
Well since they don't come with a head you have to buy those separately for customizing or find one you like on a similar sized doll. My hubby got me this super cute tiny "fancy nancy" doll.
I took her head off and put it on the obitsu body. She really looks great on her new articulated body. I love her little dress that came with her and it fit the body perfectly.
The shoes were only barely too small to fit on her feet so i slipped them on and kind of faked it. Her heel isn't actually all the way in.
Isn't she cute? What do you think?
I've decided to name her Thumbelina. I want to get some dollhouse furniture or house for her to use. She'd look so cute and she's the perfect size for traditional dollhouse scale.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Utah Jazz Blanket

Awhile ago was my mother in laws birthday. She's a humongous fan of the Utah Jazz and doesn't miss watching a single game of theirs. When her birthday came I really wanted to make something personal for her instead of just buying another Jazz mug or t-shirt. I saw this awesome soft fleece at Walmart and decided it must be a blanket.
It's monogrammed using my Brother's monogramming feature and it turned out quite lovely as a bit of personalization. I ended up not using any interfacing to do the embroidery cause i didn't want a weird stiff part on such a soft blanket. I just made sure to pull the fleece very tight over the frame. It worked perfectly and I'm really glad i didn't interface that part.

The binding is a satin blanket binding. It was my first time doing mitered corners and I was a bit daunted by it. I think they turned out pretty good and the feeling and look with the blanket edging makes the blanket much nicer.
I enjoyed this so much and she seemed to adore it. I was so happy to see how she liked it. I think this year all family members are getting a personalized blanket. That way they all have something I made for them. I saw some really cute disney fleece panels on that are tempting me.

note: this blanket took 2 yards of fleece and 2 packages of blanket binding. For those interested in making similar. blanket was a nice full lap sized blanket that was more then big enough to cover me while sitting down on the couch.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Panties

So as a follow up to my last review with the Bikini cut ottobre pattern I also now tried the Hipsters.
These were pretty easy to sew my only problem was the fold over elastic because I've never used it before. I pre-ironed one side of the elastic and that helped a ton getting it on evenly.
The pattern itself isn't boy shorts but definitely has more coverage on the but then the Bikini did. It is also lower on the legs then the bikini ones. I liked these a lot but for my personal taste i prefer the Bikini style.
The fabric is this super cute stripey fabric i got from
and the cute pink fold over elastic was from SewSassy
which i got in one of their random packs with some other cute colors.
My sisters and mom each made some at our sewing party too, so hopefully I can post pictures of them soon. They all turned out super comfy and cute.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ottobre Bikini style Panties


These are from Ottobre 5/2009 pattern 2A the simply basic underwear in bikini style cut.
I did the pattern in size 48 (European sizing)
I used a basic black stretchy knit fabric i had laying around in my stash for ages and some gorgeous stretch lace from Sew Sassy Fabrics
It's very pretty and soft and i love the bright color to contrast with the black.

The instructions were very easy to follow although having never made underwear before I didn't quite understand the gusset instructions. I found a great diagram of how to do it here
This made them much more comfortable and look very professional and finished on the inside.

I love the pattern it fits me perfectly and sewed together quick and easily. The double layer gusset gives a nice protection for the crotch area and i like that the seam are enclosed on it.

Absolutely would recommend this pattern!
I'm actually having my mom and sisters over for a panty sewing party this weekend and we plan to make many more for each of us. These fit so well and are super comfortable!

You should try it you'd absolutely love it!
If you want to see my complete review you can check it out HERE at pattern
Stay posted for the awesome matching camisole top!

Dolly Works in Progress

Been a long time since I posted on here but as it's a new year I decided to get my butt in gear.
This year my new years resolution is to finish more projects instead of doing them half way and then getting distracted to other things lol.

First I'm working on a Monster High Cleo doll.
So far I've removed the foil from her hair (which took forever) and started sewing the muslin of her bodice for her future dress. I plan to erase the weird blue mark on her cheek soon as well.


Then I'm also doing an Obitsu doll. I've decided her name is Nerine and she is going to be a sea nymph or water princess. So far I've put her hair up out of the way. Given her a full face paint and made her dress. Her dress is white satin with a purple cotton underskirt all tied with a white satin ribbon. Obitsu is a highly customizable fully pose-able Japanese doll. Her crown removed from a Mattel mermaid barbie and repainted. I'm not finished though and will be adding more to the crown.




Stay posted I've actually been doing way more sewing lately and will have some upcoming posts on those projects which are complete woohoo!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sewing Machine Review

Put up a review of my sewing machine on pr. You can view it Here.
Or look below lol

Put up a review of my sewing machine on pr. You can view it Here.
Or look below lol

A year ago approximately my lovey bought me the Brother LB6800THRD from Costco.
This machine was a significant upgrade from my old Brother machine which was the cheapest beginner machine you could buy at walmart. I'd had really good success on that Cheap machine which really made me when looking to upgrade want to stick with Brother brand. I like that i can find needles and bobbins for them without going to sewing machine shop. They have them right at walmart most of the time.

The new machine cost $389.99 and was bought from LInk
Here are the accessories that it has-
  • 4" x 4" embroidery frame
  • 8 presser feet
  • Assorted accessories, needles & tools
  • Bobbin clips
  • Operation manual in English & Spanish
  • Vinyl cover
  • Instruction CD
  • USB Cable
And here are some of it's listed Features-
  • Embellish it with embroidery 70 built-in designs, 5 alphanumeric fonts, 120 frame patterns
  • Design it with sewing 67 built-in stitches, 98 stitch functions
  • Built-in variety of utility and decorative stitches
  • USB cable for computer connectivity
  • Embroidery rotation in 90”, 10” and 1” increments
  • Large 4" x 4" embroidery field
  • On-screen editing to create the perfect embroidery patterns
  • Built-in memory allows user to save up to 12 embroidery designs or 512KB of data
  • Built-in card slot enables use of 1000s of optional Brother® embroidery designs
  • Easy-to-view, backlit touch screen LCD with on-screen reference guide in 16 languages
  • Advanced needle threader saves wear and tear on eyes/fingers
  • Automatic push-button thread cutter
  • Super bright led-lit work area
  • Super easy bobbin winding system
  • Quick-set drop-in bobbin – drop in full bobbin, pull the thread through slot and start sewing
  • 7-point feed dogs
  • Programmable needle up/down
What I like about this machine
It helped bring my sewing up from beginner lvl. It has many options and sews so much smoother then my old non-computerized cheap machine. I adore the drop in bobbin which almost never snags, and the needle threader is great for me since my hands tend to shake.

The bobbin winder works fantastic, and the machine stitches are very neatly placed. I love the different stitches there are and often like to use some of the decorative ones for hems. The machine is lightweight due to being mostly plastic which some people don't like. For me it's perfect cause it's light enough to take with me to my friends house when we have sewing parties. The feet snap on easy, and it comes with quite a few feet. The embroidery part of the machine works pretty well and I love that you can hook it up to your computer and transfer pes files directly to the machine. I was able to get quite a few free embroidery designs online this way. It also came with a large starter pack of embroidery threads for the machine in different colors.

This machine has so many useful things it can do. If you can't afford one of the really nice machines like a Bernina or Janome, and love the extra's like i do (not having to snip the thread, needle up down position, needle threader, one step buttonholes in various designs, embroidery and monogramming) you will absolutely love this machine.

What I don't like about this machine
The only thing that I didn't care for on this machine is that the embroidery hoop is very small. It's only 4inches x 4inches which is the smallest size. Also it's not compatible for a larger hoop so you can't buy one and use it cause the carriage only fits the smaller size. Yet for the cost it's well worth it and still makes very cute designs!

This is a very nice affordable machine. In the whole year I've been using it I've had absolutely no problems with it. I very highly recommend it.