Saturday, May 16, 2009

WIP Elf BJD in sculpey

So currently I'm working on making my own ball jointed doll in sculpey.
It really was the first time I've tried sculpting anything that wasn't bowl shaped and even though proportionally quite off I think she's turning out rather cute.

I especially love her ears and face. I wanted a smaller elf doll. When doing my research I found most ball joint dolls are humongous where I wanted something smaller and cute. Hardest part I'm having right now is stringing the legs up through and finding a good hook for them to attach to the head.

I'm using super sculpey which I'm loving how it looks although there is tons of sanding to get it where I like. The hair is finely separated strands of embroidery floss. I couldn't find doll hair even close to the green I wanted for her sylvan hair. When she is finished I'll be making her a spouse a cute fey man to frolic with her. I'm thinking of giving him a cute leaf hat and wheat gold hair.

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