Saturday, May 16, 2009

Warcraft Hearth stone necklaces

So I'm a huge world of Warcraft fan and geek. I looked around and saw people doing hearthstone necklaces but many of them didn't actually look like stone to me.

So I created these. The stone carved looking pendants but are lighter weight then stone, and the carved designs glow in the dark. All strung on a soft leather strand. I tried it out with varied tinted colors in the stone.

The color differences are subtle but pretty. Top left is slightly blue, the one below it is regular stone color, top right is slightly green (for poison) and bottom right is slightly purple.
These ones were made for my family.

So almost my whole family plays world of warcraft with me except my youngest sister. So I made her a rogue pendant (top right) since she likes to play rogues both in dungeons and dragons as well as warcraft. Where the rest of us have hearthstones set for home. I'm planning on making more of the hearthstone pendants for selling on my etsy. These ones I'll probably be painting the names of popular cities in WoW that people usually use as their hearthstone home. For example Darnassus, Shattrath, Ogrimmar, and Stormwind. I haven't been able to get a good picture of how they glow in the dark but I'll keep trying since it's super cool!

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