Monday, August 3, 2009

Ruffled summer skirt!

This summer I have my cute younger cousin staying with me.
We will call her Bubbles.
between cooking and crafts we decided to try out some sewing.

I've always had a blockage or wall in my head about sewing clothes. I've been afraid to try it, telling myself I'm too ignorant about sewing.
Well my friends, the wall has been knocked over smashed and sunk into a bog.
This ruffle skirt was made with the legs off a pair of old jeans that i cut up and bleached. I soaked them in the bleach for about half an hour.
Then added to the levi was this cute blue and white checkered material.

It twirls quite nicely and Bubbles loves how it fluffs out. I'm going to make a matching hat for it, and maybe myself a jean skirt with added checkered pleats for the bottom.

A very happy Bubbles showing off the fluff on her booty. LOL
If you want to make a skirt like this as well go check out this tutorial on the xox skirt.
I used it and modified it some but it gives you the basics and shows you how to figure out how much fabric to cut.


  1. Your skirt came out really cute. It's nice that it twirls. As my daughter would say, "it has to have the twirl factor". ;)

  2. Lovely skirt. Beautifully made!! I have some block on dress making too. I really want to but somehow I just too scared to do it. My aim this winter is to make a pair of really cool trousers!