Monday, October 19, 2009

Summer sewing over and now for Fall

This summer was full of fun and crafts as well as baking. Here is some of the fun things that were made. There was more but unfortunately I didn't get pictures of everything we made.

We went and visited my Parents in California this summer. My Step mom is the best seamstress i've ever met. She sewed this cute little number for bubbles in like 10 minutes.
She has her own flower girl dress shop and also can do custom orders at

The adorable hair accessories were made by my good friend Shae.
She has a gorgeous line of jewelry that she sells locally.
She also did the photographs since she's much more talented with a camera then I'll ever be!

Here is a dress that I made. It was this cute pink cotton I've had laying around for several years now. It has a cute french scroll work style design on it. Bubbles thought it made it look less kiddy and more young lady like. It has straps and was flowy so she could be comfortable in the heat of the summer.

Also exceptionally great for dancing in, pretending she's a fairy, or spinning and watching it puff out.
(Isn't she so dang photogenic?)

This is actually the second thing I made this summer after the cute blue checkered skirt. It was a pre-smocked fabric I found at walmart. If you see this stuff and have little girls grab as much as you can. It was super easy to make into a dress (sew a tube, and add straps). Yet was so cute and with this fabric she thought it looked kind of fancy. They had three other styles of this fabric and I'm now kicking myself for not grabbing all of them. When we went back to get more they were all sold out. Definitely was a hot commodity lol.

Not pictured was a cute pink froggy zip up skirt made by my stepmother, and some summer pirate pajamas with lace. Bubbles actually sewed the pants herself, and then I did the pajama tank top using a 3 dollar clearance one we got at walmart as the template for it.

Sad part is that I think kids these days are way to freaking smart.
I got a new serger for my birthday which I was so incredibly excited about, and bubbles learned how to use it faster then me. I was a bit slow and nervous on it, and here comes the 9 year old who zips out some pajama pants on it in half the time I did.
Anyone else have kids that made them feel a bit dumb too?

P.s. If you can get an over locker aka serger I highly recommend it. This baby is my new best friend lol. Although super pain to thread bleh.

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