Monday, October 19, 2009

Other fun things

Some of the other fun things we did this summer.

Home done glitter toe nails. I went with blue, bubbles with green, mom with pink and my younger sis Kayla in orange.

They are super simple to do yourself, and I'm not sure why they charge so much for them in the salons. Basically we put nail polish on then while its wet sprinkle the glitter liberally onto it. I did this over paper plates so that it doesn't get all over the place. Let it dry and then top coat with the clear nail polish of your choice. I did two coats of the clear and mine staid on for over a month without chipping. The glitter I got at Michaels in a variety pack that had little packets of 10 or more colors for a few bucks.

Bubbles learned how to sew. She was a super quick study and caught on way faster then I ever did. This is her working on the pieces to make her own little patchwork blanket out of some fleece I had that she kept stealing to snuggle because it was so soft.

You can see how she alternated with a regular fleece in teal Tye Dye
and super fluffy white fleece.
This white fleece is super soft, and what I used to make sheep eared winter hats.

I also played with sculpey. This is a key and heart lock pendant I made for my sister Seanna. She collects old looking keys and is almost fanatical about them. It's made with super sculpey which I prefer because it bakes a little stronger and has a smoother texture then regular sculpey. I often mix it with some Premo so that it is even firmer. I then primed them black and did a dry brush layered technique using teal (her favorite color) and some metallic green acrylics. All on a piece of sheer black ribbon.
(If anyone is interested let me know and I can make some similar pendants to go in the etsy shop)

Then my sister Kayla really had a blast doing Henna art for us. (we have a whole family of artists lol) This was an awesome one she did on my back. It was inspired by my name (angel) and then the a&d are mine and my honeys initials with hearts. I really loved how it turned out.

This was her second piece that she did all free handed. Its what she refers to as a "tramp stamp" which is on the lower back above the buttocks. I just wanted something pretty and maybe a little Victorian, and she nailed it right on the head. Love the little heart accents.

Next post expect more sewing and fun birthday cake!

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