Thursday, February 4, 2010

Disney Fairies 9 inch doll review- warning nude doll picts

So I bought this cute Disney 9 inch Silvermyst doll from target. They are the perfect size to wear the moxie girls clothing which is nice because I didn't want such cute clothes to go to waist even though I'm getting rid of the moxie bodies. Here is a list of pros and cons to take into consideration for buying your own.

Pros-Cute faces, thick pretty hair with mild colored streaks, pointed elf shape ears already as part of face mold, nicely sculpted hands with individual fingers, upper body joint for leaning and twisting poses, real feet and can wear most barbie shoes, comes with doll brush outfit and cute lily petal boots, nice anime style facial features. Has more hip and bust slightly then moxie girls bodies so looks nice in clothing.

Cons- No joints in the arms legs or hips so limited pose-ability, slightly larger head for body which some people don't like proportionally. Slightly bigger hips and bust which means some moxie clothes need to be slightly adjusted in theory. (i took a skirt and just cut out the panties in it and it fit her fine)

Now for pictures!
This is what she looks like right out of the box. She comes with a blue gown, lily plastic shoes, and a green leaf hairbrush

full body shot

Upper torso has a join for twisting or leaning poses.

her hair has subtle blue streaks mixed in with the black. I couldn't see it from the box so it was a nice surprise when I opened her.
cute pointed ears

sculpted fingers- which are just screaming to me to make some tiny little dolly rings to switch out on her.

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