Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totally Swank pajama pants

So I technically was going to give these to my youngest sis for Christmas.
It's another pair of pajama pants. I'm finding it my personal mission to make sure everyone in my family has some pajama pants made by me.
Since she lives in California and I didn't get to see her for the holidays this was given as a spring/Easter present instead.

She's a bit of a hippie and loves bright colors and designs. I found this soft flannel with bright flowers stripes and paisleys all over it.
It totally screamed her personality to me. Most of all it's a warm soft fabric and should be very comfortable.

Here is a closeup of the print and one of the decorative contrast pockets.

If you are new to learning to sew, or teaching yourself you should definitely consider starting with a pajama pants. It's very easy once you do two you can whip them out fast, and the family loves them!

For these I used Simplicity 2721, but recently helped my little sis make some matching pajama pants for her and her boyfriend using New Look 6321 and liked it much better. The new look pattern has real pockets in the side seams as well as a better shape. The pattern pieces were easier to cut out on the fabric since they weren't as big as the the simplicity patterns. I want to try making the shirt from 6321 for my hubby as well since the pants turned out so good.

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