Saturday, August 20, 2011

11cm obitsu doll body aka Thumbelina

So I saw these released and was so excited to see them in person. It's an obitsu body fully poseable and jointed like my 27cm one (barbie size) but this one is super tiny. It's 11cm which is the approximate same size as a little kelly doll (barbies littlest sister).

I got without magnets in the feet but even without them it is very well balanced and can stand on its own. My only complaint is the arms hands and feet are super loose and tend to fall out while dressing it. The pieces are so small I'm worried about losing them.
Well since they don't come with a head you have to buy those separately for customizing or find one you like on a similar sized doll. My hubby got me this super cute tiny "fancy nancy" doll.
I took her head off and put it on the obitsu body. She really looks great on her new articulated body. I love her little dress that came with her and it fit the body perfectly.
The shoes were only barely too small to fit on her feet so i slipped them on and kind of faked it. Her heel isn't actually all the way in.
Isn't she cute? What do you think?
I've decided to name her Thumbelina. I want to get some dollhouse furniture or house for her to use. She'd look so cute and she's the perfect size for traditional dollhouse scale.

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