Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Utah Jazz Blanket

Awhile ago was my mother in laws birthday. She's a humongous fan of the Utah Jazz and doesn't miss watching a single game of theirs. When her birthday came I really wanted to make something personal for her instead of just buying another Jazz mug or t-shirt. I saw this awesome soft fleece at Walmart and decided it must be a blanket.
It's monogrammed using my Brother's monogramming feature and it turned out quite lovely as a bit of personalization. I ended up not using any interfacing to do the embroidery cause i didn't want a weird stiff part on such a soft blanket. I just made sure to pull the fleece very tight over the frame. It worked perfectly and I'm really glad i didn't interface that part.

The binding is a satin blanket binding. It was my first time doing mitered corners and I was a bit daunted by it. I think they turned out pretty good and the feeling and look with the blanket edging makes the blanket much nicer.
I enjoyed this so much and she seemed to adore it. I was so happy to see how she liked it. I think this year all family members are getting a personalized blanket. That way they all have something I made for them. I saw some really cute disney fleece panels on that are tempting me.

note: this blanket took 2 yards of fleece and 2 packages of blanket binding. For those interested in making similar. blanket was a nice full lap sized blanket that was more then big enough to cover me while sitting down on the couch.

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  1. I realize you made this a while ago, but was curious if you have ever considered making these and selling them? I can't sew at all but I have been looking for a soft blanket just like this for my soon to be nephew (his parents to be are HUGE Jazz fans)

    email me at if its something you would be interested in and if so how much