Friday, January 29, 2010

Elvish Staff christmas present

As promised the pictures of the prettier elvish style staff that I made for my middle sis.
I was inspired in the colors of it from World of Warcraft nightelves Moon Temple
but used the tolkien style elvish for the markings on the staff.

The hand grip part is wrapped with a soft brown suede leather strap.
The top piece is made from super sculpey with a glass gem in the top. The leaves were formed individually and added to the orb separately.

Wrapped with more suede there is cascading teal shells and a resin coin emblem accented with ink and acrylic.

The main par of the staff is bamboo that was already painted black, and then I put elvish letter painted in white and gold over the length of the staff.

The flower at the top is made with premo mixed with super sculpey. The glass bead is lined with a foil piece to help it reflect light.

A better view of the coin cast in resin. It comes out clear but then I put a teal wash over it to give it some color without making it opaque.

Closeup of the cascading shell beads. I tried for a waterfall effect in a spiral.

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