Thursday, January 28, 2010

Necromancer Staff-hubbies christmas present

My husband has a love for gothic things, video games, and anime. For christmas I decided to make him this fun and somewhat morbid looking staff for any necromancer cosplay that he might want to do.

The base of the staff is bamboo which had already been painted black.

The grip and the top are wrapped with red leather thongs and then I bleached some chicken bones and wrapped them with the leather. I went and painted some of the chicken bones to look old and faded but left one to look new for contrast. The feather was also bleached and then painted black. I added some red ink stains at the top of the leather thong cause I thought it looked a little like blood splatter. EEEEk

The top zombie hand as i called it was sculpted by my mother for me out of super sculpey and then baked. she then painted it to enhance the old petrified look.
The face was cast from a sculpey doll face mold but we used clear resin setting a doll eye in the forhead. This was then lightly brushed with a red ink solution so that the light would still shine through it.

Over all I think it turned out quite creepy, and my hubby absolutely loved it.
As for me I couldn't help cringing while handling it, I think we might have done to good of a job lol.

Next I'll be showing them much prettier elvish staff I did as a Christmas present for my middle sis.

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