Thursday, January 28, 2010

2nd shirt bag set of gifts

So I made to go along with the set I made for my middle sister for her birthday, another set for my youngest sister. This one in a green color since that is one of her favorites.

It's being modeled by the middle sister so the shirt doesn't quite fit on her right.

I love how the sleeves turned out but if I did it again I'd do the smocking closer to the underbust area. I still think it gives a very cute peasant blouse look.

The matching handbag is green with a cream satin lining.
I then put cute hippy flowers all the way around the bag hand stitched on. You can buy these at walmart in a pack with different sizes and colors.

The outside of the bag is made of pockets shown holding my phone quite well.

Found some cute matching ribbon for the drawstring and has a nice spacious area inside for whatever knick knacks she needs to carry on dates with her.

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