Friday, August 27, 2010

Dolly paint and dolly jeans

So I have this lovely Japanese 27cm soft bust obitsu my sister got me as a present.
She is fully jointed and able to pose in all sorts of fantastic ways. Then she got her a pretty blue haired head with blank face for me to paint.
I love the blue hair its shiny long and soft and reminds me of mermaids.
I decided she would eventually be made into a loosely greek themed water or sea nymph.

So I started her face up and am really loving all the blues and greens. She seems much nicer now that she has an actual face. I really like the shape i made her eyes although they still need some highlights, and eyeshadow.
Then I decided to make some dolly jeans from my friends leftover scraps. She loves to cut up her pants to make shorts. I used this blithe doll pattern.

The pattern was super easy to put together and I love the flared legs!
Hardest part of the whole thing was turning the legs right side out at the end.

They sit a bit funny on her hips since she has way bigger hips then the blithe doll, but over all I adore how they came out.

If you are interested in getting obitsu's for yourself we buy ours from

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