Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Panties

So as a follow up to my last review with the Bikini cut ottobre pattern I also now tried the Hipsters.
These were pretty easy to sew my only problem was the fold over elastic because I've never used it before. I pre-ironed one side of the elastic and that helped a ton getting it on evenly.
The pattern itself isn't boy shorts but definitely has more coverage on the but then the Bikini did. It is also lower on the legs then the bikini ones. I liked these a lot but for my personal taste i prefer the Bikini style.
The fabric is this super cute stripey fabric i got from
and the cute pink fold over elastic was from SewSassy
which i got in one of their random packs with some other cute colors.
My sisters and mom each made some at our sewing party too, so hopefully I can post pictures of them soon. They all turned out super comfy and cute.

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